MKFU grieves the passing of its 1st Vice President Esat Delihasan

On behalf of the Mediterranean Karate Federation’s Union, we deeply share our condolences for the loss of our 1st Vice President Esat Delihasan.  The entire MKFU join us in sending our deepest sympathies and understanding during this period of commemoration.  

Esat, was one of the best karatekas. We are all aware of the numerous professional jobs Esat did to support Karate. Additionally, Esat was very active in the MKFU, EKF and WKF particularly as a member of the executive committees. His personality was one of promoting teamwork and positive motivation.  

Esat, was definitely an achiever both as an athlete and as a coach. Moreover, he was re-elected as 1st Vice President of MKFU and he was remarkably achieving every task he was entailed to.  

Please know that we share the pain and sorrow, and we pay our final respects to one of our best friends and comrades. Esat, will certainly be missed by all of us.  

Our deepest sorrow is with his family and the Turkish Karate Federation.

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